Monday, May 23, 2011

Our State as Mileage Equilizer

nhl in wisconsin equalizer
One more reason to get a team into Wisconsin is how it impacts traveling on a team's budget. It may seem like a silly thing to use in a debate but you have to account for every kind of variable when considering this and travel adds up very quickly, with little stability. There are 41 away games in a NHL season, what could shaving a few hundred miles off the average trip save to a team's budget/energy? It may mean tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours, which could give you an extra a fan giveaway or two, an extra exmployee, better facilities.
AVG Distance to NHL City
Location Miles
Wisconsin 1050
Phoenix 1825
That's 41 times you'll be traveling that extra amount. Granted you will play a majority of those games within a closer radius for your division and conference, but you could also take into account that LA is about 350 miles from Phoenix, similar for us going to St. Louis, and that's their closest. I did a hypothetical center of the state since there is only speculation where it could be taking into account where it is favored along with major interstate access. But even if we altered it for Milwaukee, it would reduce our figure above of 1050 miles. At today's gas and jet prices, not to mention the all important time, being closer would allow a little more wiggle room in budgets.  It also ensures that the teams that play us travel fewer miles and therefore their budgets would decrease too. It has gotten to that point where it is a noticeable factor. There were stories about how Green Bay Packers loses money on road trips relatively speaking.

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